Two Steps To Success

Step 1 - Get It Right

In order to Get It Right, an Initial Business Technology Analysis (IBTA) is completed. For new businesses, this is a complete list of what is needed for the startup from a business technology perspective.  For existing businesses, the analysis includes reviewing operational processes – both manual and automated, completing an infrastructure inventory and analysis, and completing a hardware/software inventory and analysis. The result of the IBTA is the generation of an Implementation Plan for your business. The Implementation Plan identifies necessary and recommended changes, estimated costs and suggested timeline.  The timeline is developed for a Phased Approach that allows the business to transition to new systems and applications at a pace that meets their staff/training and budgetary needs.   

Step 2 - Keep It Right

Once we Get It Right, it is important to Keep It Right.  It is just like maintaining your car.  If you follow the manufacturer's suggested maintenance schedule, you are far less likely to have any type of major problem with the operation of your vehicle.  On the other hand, if you never change the oil, you're going to have problems sooner or later.  And, the longer you wait, the bigger the trouble is when it comes.   

IsenTech Keeps It Right by offering Monthly Service Plan Agreements. The purpose of these agreements is to provide our partners with ongoing monthly services designed to keep the network, computers, and applications running in the most efficient manner possible. As a part of the Monthly Service Plan Agreement, a wide range of diagnostics tools are used to identify and correct potential problems with the infrastructure, network, and hardware.  This, along with keeping the operating system and all of the software applications up-to-date, results in the highest levels of system Up-Time. These proactive measures translate into increased staff efficiencies, effectiveness and Time-On-Task that help drive the key business metrics.