Let IsenTech take care of your business technology needs...
so you can take care of growing your business! 

Monthly Service Agreement Services:

  IsenTech Business Solutions is your complete IT Services provider.

  IsenTech provides ongoing support and maintenance for new and existing systems.  

Monthly Service Agreement Support services includes but are not limited to:

1) Network, Systems (Server/ client workstations) and Application Support (ISENTECH is     the first level of support for the center’s technology)

2) Application Updates/Upgrades (Microsoft OS Critical Updates, Office Updates, etc.)

3) FTP Remote Data Backup and onsite automated backup routines for business critical     data 

4) Network and System Ongoing Maintenance (Disk Cleanup, Disk Defrag, etc.)

5) Infrastructure support: DSL modems, firewalls, routers, switches, etc.

6) Hardware support, onsite, local and mail-in

7) Printer/Copier/Scanner support

8) Internet Service Provider (ISP) support

9) Antivirus Application Monitoring

10) Remote Access 

11) Administrative Systems Backups 

12) Web Based Calendars

13) Business Class Email

14) Online File Folders

15) IsenTech Rate Discount for non-MSA Services

New and Refurbished Dell Preconfigured Systems

ISENTECH offers both new and refurbished Dell server and client systems including systems with Windows 7 64-bit XP Mode enabled preconfigured for immediate use.  These systems are plug-and-play.  Just get them out of the box, plug them in and turn them on.  Refurbished systems cost approx. $250 - $500 less than new systems 

Telecom Services via a Voice over IP (VoIP) Solution

Depending on the number of phones in place you can save $150 - $500 per month per location (as compared to traditional business class telecom service costs).  If you are interested in making the best use of your Internet connection and gaining great efficiencies and flexibility in the use of your telecommunications, please click on the following link for more detailed information.

Link to ACS

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