IsenTech Business Solutions Recommended Operational Procedures

1) All systems should have the IBS LogMeIn Remote Access installed.  Any system that does 

   not have the remote access installed will not be available for remote access and the associated  

   backups, support and maintenance.  Please see the attached instructions of installing the IBS  

   LogMeIn Remote Access on client workstations in the center.

2) Please leave all systems powered on overnight.  Regularly scheduled maintenance and backup 

   routines are schedule to run overnight when the systems are not in use by staff.  If the systems  

   are not left powered on these routines will not run.

3) Close all applications on your systems before leaving the center at night.  This is especially 

    important for the Symplicity and EOS programs.  If these applications are not closed, the IBS 

    backup routines may not run properly.  Leave the computers powered on so that the    

    automated maintenance and backup routines run for your system.

4) Perform a Start-Shutdown-Restart on each of the client workstations each morning prior to 

   use.  The server should be restarted once each week.

5) Backup the Symplicity program daily using the backup process from within the Symplicity   

   program “Symplicity Utilities” then “Backup or Restore Data”.  The EOS program performs a  

   backup automatically each night.

6) Upload a copy of your Symplicity data using the IBS FTP Symplicity Upload service.  This is 

   your center’s remote offsite backup and should be completed at least once each week.  This   

   service is provided to the centers participating in the Monthly Service Agreement at no 

   additional charge to the center. See attached instructions. Note: IBS offers an EOS Remote    

   Backup Service as a part of the Monthly Service Agreement Plan “C”.  This service is a fee 

   based service and is available to all IBS MSA clients.  Please notify IBS if you are interested 

   in having your EOS backed-up automatically.

7) Do not download or install any programs or program upgrades/updates unless specifically 

    instructed to by IBS.  This includes Operating System updates and updates to Symplicity and 

    EOS.  This service is provided as a part of the center’s Monthly Service Agreement and is 

   done at no additional charge to the center.

8) If you are prompted, it is OK to install the JAVA updates from the SLC Web Sites.

9) If you are prompted, it is OK to install the Acrobat updates but do not upgrade to Acrobat 10 


10) Do not activate Windows Firewall or any other Firewall on your systems.  This can cause 

      issues with Symplicity, EOS and Impact.

11) Please make sure to save all of you important documents in the My Documents folder on 

     your system.  This is the folder that is targeted for backup on administrative XP Pro systems.

12) If you need support on a system please call or email me with a description of the issue.      

     Please include the computer description from the LogMeIn program.  Attached are 

     instructions on finding the computer description.  

13) If you see a renewal notice for the AntiVirus on a system, please send me an email with the 

     LogMeIn computer description of the system/s that need the renewal.  I will need to evaluate 

     the current AntiVirus version along with the system capabilities and uses in order to 

     determine whether it is best to renew the current AntiVirus version or upgrade to a newer 

     version.  Having the right version for the right system is a critical component of how 

     efficiently and effectively the system operates.  Attached are instructions on finding the  

     computer description.

14) To increase system performance, close any programs that are not being used.  The more 

      programs you have open and minimized to the task bar, the slower your system will run.  

     This is especially true of older systems that have slower processors and less RAM memory.